Carpe Horas


Between the Rue du Roi-de-Sicile and the Hôtel de Lamoignon, from no. 12 to no. 22 Rue Pavée, spread the hôtel of Henri-Jacques Nompar de Caumont, duke of La Force. Completed around 1559 and embellished at the beginning of Louis XV's reign by the Pâris brothers financiers, the Hôtel de La Force was bought in 1754 by the War Ministry and transformed in 1780 into a detention facility divided into two prisons: the Grande Force, and the Petite Force, destined for women and contiguous with the Hôtel de Lamoignon. The Princesse de Lamballe was massacred there on 3 September 1792 along with a hundred other people.

The two prisons of La Force were demolished in 1845, and the only remaining part is a section of wall adjoining the City of Paris Historical Library.

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