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Cosette/Fantine vocal ranges

What are the highest and lowest notes for them please?
Just found out my auditions next week!

Hopefully you'll be getting a better, more informative reply than this soon but all I know is that Cosette sings up to an E6 (last note of One Day More. same as the last note of Phantom of the Opera).

That's all I know, sorry. I know Fantine goes very low in I Dreamed a Dream but not sure what note.

Anybody else?
Timmy_Wishes he was Quast

I'm pretty sure there's a Webpage somewhere which actually lists this. *goes a-googling*

I have a copy of the vocal selections, and I know Fantine has to go down to an F below middle C during IDAD, at the "as they tear your hopes apart." During her arrest, I believe she has a high D but I'm not exactly positive. Basically, though, she's a mezzo.

Were you planning on auditioning for both of them? If you are, it depends on your vocal range. A true soprano would have the easiest time with Cosette, a true mezzo would be the best for Eponine, and a lower mezzo would be the best for Fantine. However Fantine and Eponine have very similar vocal ranges, which is why several notible actresses who played Eponine when they were younger have also played Fantine.

I was planning on going for both of them yes, I can sing the note Cosette sings in AHFOL but wasn't sure if there was any higher notes. I can't go for Eponine because there definetly no chance that I would get it. Sad
Thanks for the help anyway.
Orestes Fasting

I believe Cosette's highest note is actually a C at the end of One Day More, which is the same as her C at the end of Every Day. The note at the end of AHFOL is either a B or a B flat IIRC.

Fantine hits either an E or an F in the arrest scene, and has to go down to a D below middle C in the finale. ("And you will be with God," optional F if you don't have the D.)
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